Building a Smarter World

Smart cities, smart governance, smart leadership, smart business

Capstone University is a non-profit institution delivering capacity building curriculum in the new age of open innovation developed by top tier universities to state & municipal governments, civic leaders, community stakeholders, non-profit, influencers of change, business leaders to equip, enable, empower, and encourage them with the knowledge to affect change. Programs feature best practices in smart cities, new innovations, design and effective administration.

  • Delivery through: executive training, immersive workshops, and digital learning platforms.
  • Focused on 4 frameworks for building stronger economies-Triple Helix, Leadership, Open Innovation and Business Models.
  • Our team is comprised of world-class subject matter experts, industry experts, academians, civic leaders.
  • Education through the free exchange, dialogue and cross pollination of ideas and solutions cities. Fundamental to our operating philosophy is the open innovation paradigm by which new business models are formulated to solve real-world problems.

Our Missions Are:

  • SERVE through thought leadership, brainstormingĀ open innovation ideas and lean models. Our advisory arm we enable partnerships with our exclusive affiliate organizations.
  • CREATE and facilitate cutting edge research in the realms of smart cities and smart villages.
  • FOSTER collaboration in the development of smart city and village best practices, curriculum, and training programs with our counterparts in US, India and internationally.
  • DESIGN new educational and training programs to foster an innovative culture and develop the next generation of innovators which will ultimately unleash new breakthroughs and disruptions in technology, engineering and business. Capstoneā€™s unique curriculum designed specifically for early stage innovators and provides them necessary industry and academic network to bring them to the next level. Our curriculum-led approach supports innovators who are currently working on disruptive as well as high-growth scalable ideas by providing them a platform to interact with the curated group of leaders from academia, private industry and government.